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  1. Ali Libondo

    A part from direct employment, the extractives sector can transform the economies of mining communities through value chain opportunities. With a young and gradually developing extractives sector industry, are we able to maximize on local content value chain opportunities both at the County and National level? Taking the example of Tuillow Oil Company Ltd and Base Titanium, did we maximize on value chain opportunities right from the very beginning of these large scale projects? Are our SMEs both at the County and National level, adequately capacited to do big business with such giant mining companies like Base Titanium. EVITO is inviting stakeholders in the review of the early development phase of Base Titanium world class Kwale mineral sands project, to celebrate significant milestones achieved, and reflect on challenges and lessons that will inform steps to be taken by all key development stakeholders, to ensure maximized utilization of local content opportunities in ongoing and future projects in the extractives sector. Thanks to our partnership with Base Titanium, it is our greatest pleasure to share insights on Base Titanium development phase to help us progress this discourse to fruition. Base Titanium early development stages involved the following:
    1. Acquisition of the project land
    2. Construction of the production plant and acquisition of related heavy machinery production support facilities and equipment.
    3. Construction of the Likoni port facility
    4. Construction of the Mukurumudzi dam
    5. Construction of the Mine access road
    6. Construction of the Tailings Storage Facility TSF
    7. Construction of the camp and shared facilities.
    As we review the development phase, EVITO is inviting stakeholders to share views, comments, ask questions and give recommendations on the following;
    Local Content Opportunities Maximization through Procurement of Goods and Services during Early Development Stages of the Base Titanium Kwale Mine.
    Goods and services that Base Titanium procured locally
    Goods and services that Base Titanium Imported through local suppliers
    Goods and services that Base Titanium imported through non local suppliers
    Best practice milestones for documentation and replication
    General discussion on how Kwale and Kenya at large can minimize imports in future extractives projects?