CP5 – Tailings Storage Facility


The purpose of the tailings storage facility (“TSF”) is to receive and store the slimes fraction after separation from the ore. The TSF comprises walls constructed from the process waste sand, penstocks, settling ponds, a water recovery system, and return water pumping system. Initially, embankments will be constructed to close off natural valleys.

Construction Milestones
May 2012 – Clearing Embankments Started
Jun 2012 – Embankment Construction Started
Sep 2012 – Starter Works Completed
Nov 2012 – Settling Ponds Construction Started
Nov 2012 – Piping Installation Started
Jun 2013 – Main Embankment Construction Completed
Aug 2013 – Under Drainage & Penstocks Completed
Aug 2013 – Settling Ponds Embankments & Spillways Completed
Oct 2013 – First Slimes Deposited

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