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  1. Ali Libondo

    In order for Kwale and Kenya as a country to learn and take a strategic position for maximization of local content opportunities in future extractives projects, a review of Base Titanium Kwale World Class Mineral Sands Project development phase is necessary. EVITO is inviting stakeholders to review local content opportunities maximization during the early community engagement processes, and procurement of goods and services in the establishment of the Mine site camp and related camp shared facilities. Here are the construction milestones of the Base Titanium mine site camp, which can be viewed in the detailed video attached:
    February 2012 – Contractors’ yard mobilized
    April 2012 – Diesel tank farm completed
    June 2012 – Contractors’ camp completed
    August 2012 – Entertainment area completed
    October 2012 – Kitchen and messing facilities completed
    October 2012 – Temporary facilities commissioned
    For the benefit of Kwale County and Kenya at large with regard to maximization of local content opportunities in the process of establishing the mine site camp, what are the best practice milestones for documentation, and replication? What are the challenges and lessons learnt? What could have been done differently to achieve maximized investor and community mutual benefits?