Mukurumudzi Dam & Water Management Systems
Capitalising on the opportunities presented by the operations, Base Titanium has restored, rehabilitated and established new wetlands within its areas of operation.
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  1. Ali Libondo

    The construction of Mukurumudzi dam to support titanium mining processes by Base Titanium, was made possible by the existence of Mukurumudzi river which supported diverse basic water needs of the communities prior to resettlement and continue to suppport surrounding communities, vegetation and ecosystems till now. EVITO blog platform is inviting stakeholders to join us in the review of Base Titanium Kwale Mine Early Environmental Processes, Community Engagements & Utilization of Economic Empowerment Opportunities. Together let us look back and review interventions by Base Titanium to mitigate real and perceived risks during the construction of the Mukurumudzi dam, considering socio economic and health factors in relation to waste water management and Mukurumudzi river water usage by communities, animals and general ecosystems. What are the best practice milestones for documentation and replication? What are the challenges and lessons learnt? What could have been done differently to achieve maximized investor community mutual benefits?