Waste Management
Our waste recycling program aims to care for the environment by preventing pollution, maximising resource efficiency and encouraging responsible behaviour in others. Equipment and machinery for the Kwale Operation are delivered to site on shipping pallets and in wooden crates creating an excellent opportunity for a recycling program. A carpentry workshop was established, with carpenters trained and employed from the local communities, to turn packaging materials into well-crafted pieces for use at the mine and donation to surrounding community projects. This has included repair of the Gazi Women’s Mangrove Boardwalk, fabricating desks and dustbins for schools, making furniture for orphanages and hives for the community beekeeping projects. Other materials recycled include empty milk cartons for use in community and school tree nurseries. Donations of such products are always delivered with the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle message as part of the company’s environmental education program to encourage community institutions and members to adopt the same principles. Through our recycling of flocculant bags, we have created livelihood opportunities for local tailors to fabricate school bags and shopping bags which are later donated to school pupils part of the environmental education program. Empty oil drums are also recycled to make dustbins which are used onsite. Kitchen waste is recycled to make compost manure used at our nursery and more recently food waste is digested in a Biogas plant to produce gas for cooking at the cafeteria.